We are very excited to be showing Sian Smith for her second exhbition with us, opening on 8th May.  She is off to New York for two years to do a masters…loving her new work.

After completing a week long workshop at the New York Academy of Art run by Alyssa Monks, I became captivated by the school and its teaching methods and benefitted enormously from the experience. I resolved to further develop my skills by applying to do a Masters degree course at this institution, I am thrilled to have been accepted and even more ecstatic to learn that I will be only the second Scottish person to attend the school in the past five years. 

NYAA appealed to me because it is a school dedicated to the resurgence of representational and figurative art. Its mission being “how can you break the rules if you don’t know the rules?” They specialise in teaching these rules so you can bend, twist and reinvent them. It recognises the importance of classical education in drawing, painting and sculpture as a solid foundation for contemporary artists. 

Sian Smith, Greengallery