New exhibition coming soon to Buchlyvie “Fragments of Home” by Erraid Gaskell

Erraid Gaskell: ‘Fragments of Home’
Preview: Sunday 27th March 2022

*Some artist notes about my solo collection and my painting process*

The central theme of my solo show is the idea of home, and how memories and emotions fuse with physical places to create that sense of familiarity and belonging. My internal sense of home has always been a combination of different places. The paintings in this show are visually inspired by three countries I’ve called home in my lifetime – Scotland, Australia and Bangladesh. The colours, textures, feelings of these landscapes are deeply infused in my art. With the collection for my solo show, I’m working on weaving elements of them together. Little shards of memory keep emerging in the painting process, often without me consciously realising where the inspiration is coming from until later. In blending these different elements, these paintings represent a tapestry of homecomings. 
These are particularly personal paintings to work on and so I’m trying hard not to let myself get stuck on a single piece. Sometimes, when I find I’ve been working on one painting for too long, I feel my mind getting stuck and lose sight of the end-vision. When this happens, I take a break and switch to a different canvas. By immersing my brain in the different visual worlds of each painting, I’m able to keep it feeling fresh, returning with a new pair of eyes.