Solo Exhibition: ‘Fragments of Home’
Sunday 27th March to 17th April 2022

The central theme of my solo exhibition is the meaning of home for me. My memories and emotions of place create a sense of familiarity and belonging. These are rooted in a variety of locations around the globe where I have lived. The paintings in this show are inspired by my impressions of three countries: Scotland, Bangladesh and Australia (and back again). Deeply infused in my art here are colours, textures and moods from these contrasting geophysical landscapes. 

My appreciation of landscapes developed when I moved from The Black Isle (Scotland) to the megacity of Dhaka (Bangladesh). There (and in neighbouring India) I was mesmerised by the huge number of people celebrating spring’s arrival with the Hindu festival of Holi (also known as the festival of colours). In contrast, the Kimberley region of Australia is one of the world’s great wilderness areas – remarkable for its panoramic night skies, vast open spaces and vibrant colours: ochres, reds, blues, pindan. Whilst Scotland is far more than a land of lochs, castles and crofts, hills and heather, I am pleased that for me, it has become again my home.

In weaving elements of these three places together, my paintings in this show represent a tapestry of homecomings. 

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