Susan Cook, Greengallery

I paint emotion between figures, paint applied with urgency and texture, the introduction of wood and other materials add an organic edge, sometimes using the form and at other times ignoring what is there but embracing the lines created from the different levels.

More recently I find my paintings evolving and becoming more abstract with use of bolder colours.

Current works for sale

  • Susan Cook
    'Girl With Dog & Pink Tights'
    8 × 10.5 in
    £470.00 Sold

  • Susan Cook
    'Walk on the Links'
    14 × 9 in
    £480.00 Sold

  • Susan Cook
    'Bow Tie & Bonzo'
    12 × 16 in
    £540.00 Sold

  • Susan Cook
    14 × 10 in
    £540.00 Sold