Sandra Moffat, Greengallery

Glasgow based Sandra graduated from Glasgow School of Art with a degree in Embroidered and Woven Textile Design before going on to a successful career in the Interior Design Industry.

Striving to capture the atmosphere and evocation of a scene, Sandra seems to deconstruct the very components of a composition and rearrange them in a way that imbues familiar locales with an entirely fresh perspective.

Drawing on her textile training, she creates each piece by overlaying media and texture to create work that ripples with life, adding depth to the shadows and vibrancy to the light.


Current works for sale

  • Sandra Moffat
    'A Hint of Blossom'
    22 × 22 in
    £800.00 Sold

  • Sandra Moffat
    'The Cottage in the Woods'
    18 × 18 in
    £700.00 Sold