Kildonan and Pladda, Morag Lloyds, Greengallery

Morag has had a varied career in art; she worked as a designer in London in the late 70’s and trained at Colleges both in England and Scotland studying both illustration and fine art,  she also has a love of social history and has written and published two books on the subject.

Morag has always painted but has been working full time as an artist for 15 years now and exhibits her work with Galleries around the UK.

Recent work is inspired by past years sailing with family around the Scottish Islands for over 20 years exploring hard to reach places and learning about the history of the ruined settlements. Her love of the sea, the rural landscape with its rich history and wildlife gives her plenty of inspiration.

Current works for sale

This artist currently has no works for sale, please let us know if you would like to be kept informed when their work is back in the gallery.