A Change in the Weather, John McClenaghen, Greengallery

“My work explores the phenomena of time and change within the landscape. I am interested in painting’s ability to relate experience by drawing parallels between the action of weather upon the land and the action of colour and mark upon the “canvas”.  The main focus of my practice is in painting and drawing, although this is greatly informed by collage, print and assemblage, something that began when I was a student at the Glasgow School of Art. My interest in landscape has no doubt been informed by the generations of Scottish farmers that I am descended from on my mother’s side. I make work throughout the UK but I am continually drawn back to Yorkshire, my native Scotland and North Wales.


I tend to return to the same places again and again as I try to establish a relationship with the space through drawing and painting it over time. Ideas often begin with me sitting in a field working directly from nature. Back in the studio I make spontaneous gestural works in colour on paper trying to make sense of what I was experiencing on site. This stage is about working through marks, a process of recollection through making, trying to think in materials. A whole range of media often come into play as I attempt to reconstruct the experience of space and place through colour and mark. The traces of layers of decisions in the drawn and painted surface recall changes I see in the landscape itself, the reconfiguration of field structures, their shapes, colours and textures reflecting their changing physical form and those we perceive through the actions of weather.

Through the rhythm of work I am trying to move from the representation of something seen to the reconstruction of something felt”

Current works for sale

  • John McClenaghen
    'Cherry Orchard in Spring'
    8 × 6 in
    £460.00 Sold

  • John McClenaghen
    'February, Donnie Point'
    23.5 × 23.5 in
    £1,085.00 Sold

  • John McClenaghen
    'September in East Lothian'
    19.5 × 19.5 in
    £1,070.00 Sold

  • John McClenaghen
    'Woodsmoke at Dusk'
    11 × 11 in
    £790.00 Sold