Concentrate, Janice Gray, Greengallery

A graduate from Glasgow School of Art in the 1980s, Janice later worked, rather appropriately, for a period as Artist in Residence at Edinburgh Zoo.

Her highly decorative, amusing and beautifully observed works combine birds, animals, fruit, handbags, high-heeled shoes , teacups with witty writing commenting various aspects and  foibles of her real and imagined menagerie of animal characters and her collection of props.

“I tend to choose my subject (usually animal) for their decorative quality which can be explored through the medium of watercolour and collage. I don’t normally know what the finished painting is going to look like, I don’t plan or do any preliminary sketches, I suppose it is a bit hit or miss! I like to start with one object then add as necessary, sometimes there is a link but normally there isn’t. The unlikely collections of objects in my work makes people think, making up their own links. I love to hear how differently my work is interpreted. My paintings are often described as ‘quirky’ which I like, as life is all too often a bit of a downer, so I enjoy creating daft paintings which can make people a wee bit cheerier!”


Current works for sale

  • Janice Gray
    'Pink Elephant'
    16 × 17 in
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  • Janice Gray
    'Lemur and Extra Stripes'
    16 × 19 in
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  • Janice Gray
    'Gentle Pig'
    19 × 12 in
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