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A central strand to my work is the still life.

I am drawn to objects which have belonged

to people I have known:

beautiful, fragile ephemera, much valued

by their owners, though perhaps too precious

to have been used often, and now left behind.


When placed in an interior space, in muted daylight,

the atmosphere created is intriguing.

There is a poignant,

elegiac quality to these pieces,

evocative of the past and its traditions,

and symbolic of the transience of our existence.


In my landscape works, and sea and

cloudscapes, I like to return to favourite places and

attempt to capture the spirit of the fleeting light

and of the ever-changing mood.


I work mainly in soft pastel. I love the purity of

pigment, and vividness of colour that the

medium provides, as well as its tactile nature.

Current works for sale

  • Fiona Clasen
    'From Rhu I'
    9 × 11 in
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  • Fiona Clasen
    'From Rhu II'
    9 × 11 in
    £350.00 View