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Originally from N. Ireland, Alison has lived for many years in Edinburgh. Her work is in collections throughout the UK, Ireland and further afield -including that of comedian Michael McIntyre. Her paintings have been selected for the annual exhibitions of both the Royal Scottish Academy (RSA) and the Royal Scottish Society of Painters in Watercolour (RSW). Notably, she had a 35-piece sell-out solo exhibition, ‘Breathing Space’ in Enniskillen, as well as solo shows with the Barbara Stanley Gallery in London and the Doorway Gallery.

I take my inspiration from the natural world and from familiar objects. My rural upbringing instilled in me a strong awareness of the passing of the seasons, nature and the growing cycle. The contrasting shapes, colours and marks on the land, sea and sky and the effects of changing weather and light are a constant inspiration.

I’m also interested in exploring the significance of objects, flowers, photographs and places on the themes of belonging, identity and memory. In my still life paintings I try to achieve simplicity and subtlety of line and colour, often simplifying shapes and playing with perspective. I’m also interested in creating a narrative through my work, prompting the onlooker perhaps to consider the story that lies behind the objects on a table or the view through an open window.

My inspirations for landscapes and seascapes are mainly from the places I’ve called home – Ireland and Scotland. I’m often drawn to groups of trees on a skyline, marks made by ploughing, or farm buildings and cottages perched on a hillside. Then there are also those places I’ve encountered on my travels that I just can’t wait to paint once I’m back in my studio.

I approach my paintings in a structured way, but carry them forward intuitively. Using a reduced palette, shapes, colours and patterns are simplified to create a level of abstraction. I often use skewers, knives and sometimes collage to create shifting dynamics within each piece

On a prize-winning residency at the inspirational Tyrone Guthrie Centre in Co. Monaghan, I found the experience of being in beautiful surroundings and living alongside other artists from all disciplines very stimulating, enabling a rich cross-fertilization of ideas as well as giving me the time and space to think and create.

Current works for sale

  • Alison Dickson
    'Farmhouse on the Hill'
    26 × 24 in
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  • Alison Dickson
    'Japanese Anemones and a Lemon'
    8 × 10 in
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  • Alison Dickson
    'Pears and Summer Flowers'
    12.5 × 12.5 in
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  • Alison Dickson
    'Striped Vase Posy'
    7 × 9.5 in
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  • Alison Dickson
    'Sunflowers and Seedlings'
    31.5 × 31.5 in
    £1,600.00 Sold

  • Alison Dickson
    'Farm Steading'
    24 × 24 in
    £1,200.00 Sold