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Working from her studio in Edinburgh, Scotland, multi-media artist Adrienne Kerr brings a fresh perspective to the genre of still-life with her bold and vibrant paintings. Juxtaposing colour, texture and pattern with flowers and fabrics, each artwork is an amalgamation of artistic techniques, drawn from her diverse career as a fabric designer, illustrator, art lecturer and artist.

Using images to evoke a strong sense of place, Adrienne’s style of storytelling is rooted in nature, with flowers – plucked from her garden – and fruit a recurring subject in her work. Vases, in all shapes and sizes, also feature prominently, as vessels to hold floral arrangements and as decorative objects in their own right. Inspired by the stylised flowers of the American contemporary artist Robert Kushner, she is a skilled botanical illustrator and uses heavily pigmented golden acrylic paints and sparing brushstrokes to capture the essence of each bloom.

Whether depicting a vivid tablescape infused with the colours of Morocco or an abstract collage of elements that showcases her love of pattern, there is a beautiful warmth and familiarity to Adrienne’s art. Painting flowers people enjoy in their homes, such as lilies and hydrangeas, tulips and peonies, often set against elegant, gilded backgrounds, she adds layers of paint to the canvas before using simple, everyday objects like washing up sponges and scrapers to remove it, creating her signature textured finish.

Perhaps the most unique element of Adrienne’s art is her use of upcycled silk fabric. A successful fabric designer for many years, she has a box overflowing with samples and offcuts, all designed by herself, which she uses to bring her vases and vessels to life in a riot of colour and pattern.

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  • Adrienne Kerr
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  • Adrienne Kerr
    'Morrocan Days'
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