Casey Allum

Now based up in Scotland, Casey was born and grew up in Elterwater, Langdale Valley in The Lake District.

From a very early age it was apparent Casey naturally gravitated towards being creative and throughout her education, art would be the one subject she could never let go of.

Casey has been a full time artist for over ten years in which time she’s gathered a large online presence and solid group of followers.

Casey’s eye for detail in her animal captures and compositions is renowned – a true perfectionist who even makes her own solid wooden frames to assure the finest quality.

Working alongside her Husband Mark, Casey now produces and supplies exhibitions, limited artworks, fine homewares and stationary all over the world. This husband and wife team are also kept very busy bringing up their two young children and renovating their traditional Scottish longhouse near the shores of Loch Lomond, Scotland.

“My works aim to draw attention to the negative space and light surrounding the subject which is so often discarded or overly cluttered; the importance of my work is to help the subject ‘breathe’, to give the onlooker the opportunity to create their own story for the creature which in turn leads the eye to the detail within the piece rather than the subject being lost in a complicated composition. I aim to capture their presence, mood and thoughts. I explore the finer details in my work, construction, form and texture. Being able to perfectly describe a subject with a pencil line or brush stroke; that’s truly where my passion lies.”

Current works for sale

  • Casey Allum
    'Barbara – Fantail Shubunkin'
    23 × 11 in
    £1,860.00 View

  • Casey Allum
    'Mother’s Rhyme – Magpies'
    11 × 15 in
    £1,560.00 View

  • Casey Allum
    'The Guardian – Barn Owl'
    15 × 31 in
    £2,980.00 View