Hi, Sue Beach, Greengallery

I am an Artist based in Stirling in Scotland. Originally I embarked on an academic and teaching career in Geology but at 30 I started classes at Glasgow School of Art and changed my focus to creating and exhibiting art.

I sketch everyday which builds up into a visual diary, a story, a timeline. The drawings are done ‘out and about’ and they bring back a stronger memory than taking a photograph. It takes longer, you notice more, and the resultant drawing brings back the memory you felt at the time.

During 2019 I embarked on a project to celebrate the ‘goings on’ in Kings Park, Stirling. This project spanned two years, the four seasons and was impacted by the Covid 19 pandemic. A curated selection of this work was exhibited in a solo exhibition. The University of Stirling have some of my work hung in their new Lifespan Research Laboratory

Current works for sale

  • Sue Beach
    'A Wee Weasel'
    11.5 × 8.5 in
    £300.00 View

  • Sue Beach
    'Scanning the Horizon'
    29 × 21 in
    £800.00 Sold

  • Sue Beach
    21 × 28.5 in
    £795.00 View

  • Sue Beach
    21.5 × 28.5 in
    £795.00 View

  • Sue Beach
    'A Parliament of Rooks'
    22.5 × 15 in
    £400.00 View